Ahmed Al-Hasan's Sermons

The Sermon of Hajj

5th February 2021

Ahmed Al Hasan (PBUH) highlights the current state of religious affairs: dysfunctional clerics, rejection of divine intervention and prophetic visions of future events. One of the earliest sermons by Ahmed Al Hasan (PBUH), which he gave after many clerics and students of the Hawza left the blessed call. This sermon establishes the call of the Mahdi and those who are divinely appointed in our lifetime, connecting it to Islamic history to give proof of their sovereignty upon the earth.

By Hamza Kotia +1 Others
Hamza Kotiaذبیح الاسلام

A Sermon to the Students of the Hawza

6th February 2022

Warning against the misguidance of Satan and inauthentic scholars, Ahmed Al Hasan commands his students to remain steadfast in their faith towards Allah, weaponising it as the Ahlul Bayt once did. Drawing upon prominent Islamic stories, this sermon serves as a blueprint for all followers to mirror the struggle of Imam Hussain and his progeny; confronting injustice and renouncing all current bodies of authority in pursuit of divine intervention - for Allah alone is the owner of sovereignty.

By Hamza Kotia +1 Others
Hamza Kotiaذبیح الاسلام

The Sermon of Muharram

26th February 2022

Detailing the Sacrifice of Imam Hussein, Ahmed Al Hasan (PBUH) critiques the falsified beliefs of modern clerics, whose delusions cloud their understanding of truth and divine leadership. The so-called purveyors of Islamic theology fall victim to Iblisian mentality, unable to identify and accept the genuine vicegerents decreed by Allah. In doing so, they lead others astray, and seek to undermine the struggle of Imam Hussein, his followers and progeny, within the blessed month of Muharram.

By Hamza Kotia
Hamza Kotia