ahmed alhasan abu abbas

ahmed alhasan
  • Birthday12th December 1968
  • NationalityIraqi
  • Birth Locationbasrah, modainah
  • Living Locationnajaf
  • ConditionFree
  • Education Levelenginiring
  • Academybasrah academy
  • Genealogyismaiel, saleh, salman, hussain
  • Childrenfazl, abbas

Ahmed Ismail Saleh also known as Ahmed Alhasan, is the Saviour of Mankind.
He has come for all people of every religion and ideology. He has also come for the agnostics and the atheists.
He has come to unite all people upon the absolute truth from the One Eternal God.
This book is based on a collection of accounts narrated by individuals who have been fortunate enough to spend extended periods of time in the company of Ahmed Alhasan, the prophesied Yamani and the Messenger from Imam al Mahdi (Peace be upon Them).
Furthermore, it contains content from Ahmed Alhasan, extracted from interviews, Facebook posts, his numerous books and correspondence with the Ansar.
Through this book, God willing, we hope that it could be made easy for you beloved reader, to realise that this individual is the one that the world has been waiting for.

Ahmed Alhasan 2022

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